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If you have storm damage, here are a few suggestions to help prevent further damage:

• Take pictures

• Place tarps on leaking/damaged roofs

• Tear out all carpet and drywall if flooding occurs

• Call in claims as soon as you know you have damages that exceed your deductible

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Ancient City Insurance has insurance options that match your needs.

At Ancient City Insurance, we work for you. We represent a carefully selected group of trusted insurance companies, allowing us to place your policy with the company that is best suited to your needs. We are a full-service insurance agency, and offer a wide variety of insurance products.

  • Gary Testa
    The definition of “Insurance Made Simple” is Ancient City Insurance!  We have all of our personal and commercial policies there. From day one, the professionals at Ancient City Insurance have had our best interests at heart, and it shows in lower premiums, better coverage, and unsurpassed customer service.  Answers to our insurance questions are just a phone call or a click away!  Having many years experience in business, dealing with insuring risk, I still often find obtaining insurance to be overly complicated and confusing - Ancient City takes the mystery out of insurance and makes the process simple!
    Gary Testa
  • Stefanie Robinson
    The insurance policies you have taken care of for family members have been done on time and with their best interest at heart along with the best pricing you could get for their needs. Your recent task of looking for better coverage at a good rate for John’s motorcycle and coming back to us with an honest statement of – “you should keep it with who you have, I can’t beat it” shows your desire of putting the customer first. Thank you for your honesty and integrity.
    Stefanie Robinson
  • Debbie
    I recently had Rebecca review my house insurance and car insurance policies. I had been using State Farm for both policies for several years. Within a matter of moments, Rebecca was able to rate my policies with a variety of insurance companies. She saved me almost $500 on my house policy and over $900 on my car insurance. Besides saving me money, she was able to provide and additional level of coverage. With money as tight as it is now, you would be crazy not to give Rebecca a try.
  • John R.
    I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the exceptional service that you have provided my family and to several of my clients. The work of your firm has always been exemplary in terms of timeliness, pricing and customer service.
    John R.
    The Life Source Group, LLC
  • Amy H.
    Rebecca Houpe's hard work and keen eye has really helped my family and I would recommend her services to anyone.
    Amy H.
    Powell Heating & Air Conditioning Inc.
  • J. Strait, President
    I wanted to just express my appreciation for your excellent service in my personal insurance needs and to all the referrals I have sent to you. You have handled it with professionalism, honesty, and integrity.
    J. Strait, President
    Straight Ray Corporation
  • P. Nicolosi
    I just want to say thank you to Rebecca Houpe and her entire team at Ancient City Insurance. I can't express how good I feel knowing that I have an agent that is actually interested in my insurance needs and concerns as opposed to the bottom line.....I often refer Ancient City Insurance to my clients because I personally know the respect and detailed attention they will receive.
    P. Nicolosi

See how Ancient City Insurance can keep you covered

We represent a wide range of carriers, including: American Integrity Insurance, Tower Hill Insurance, Tower Hill Flood, Infinity Assurance, Prepared Insurance, Gulfstream Property & Casualty, American Traditions, Ark Royal, Florida Peninsula, Capitol Preferred, Sawgrass Insurance, Universal Property & Casualty, Citizens, Universal, Bankers Insurance Group, Cypress, Olympus, Southern Oak, Travelers, Progressive, Foremost, Fidelity, Victoria, Homeowners Choice, Security First, Federated National, and Frontline.

Dwelling & Commercial Insurance

Our St. Augustine Insurance company offers a wide range of coverages to address your dwelling insurance and commercial insurance needs, whether you own or rent a home, condo, or business.


Ancient City Insurance offers an extensive range of insurance coverage for almost all vehicles, from personal automobiles to RVs, boats, and commercial vehicles.

Life Insurance/Supplemental Insurance

Health insurance offers protection against medical costs. Life insurance provides protection for the family in case of death. The cost and coverage of policies vary.


Businesses need liability insurance to protect against risk. A liability policy allows business owners to be protected in case an accident occurs on your property.


  • All Risks (Brokerage) - Agent reports claim.
  • American Bankers /Assurant - 800-423-4403, Opt 3
  • American Integrity - 866-968-8390, Opt 5
  • American Trad/Modern USA - 866-270-8430
  • AmWins (Brokerage) - Agent reports claim.
  • Argenia - 800-482-5968
  • Auto Owners - 800-346-0346 (Prop, opt 4 or x1840) 888-252-4626 (auto)
  • Avatar - 877-233-3237
  • Bankers - 800-627-0000, Opt 2
  • Cabriello - 866-896-7233
  • Capital Preferred - 888-388-2742
  • Centauri - 866-215-7574
  • Citizens - 866-411-2742
  • Cypress - 877-560-5224, Opt.1
  • Elements - 877-233-3237
  • Federated National - 800-293-2532, Opt.2
  • Fidelity National - 800-293-2532
  • Florida Peninsula - 866-549-9672
  • Foremost/Bristol - 800-527-3907, 800-274-7865 (auto)
  • Frontline - 800-675-0145 (non-hurricane), 866-673-0623 (Hurricane)
  • Frontline Flood - 877-744-5224
  • Gulfstream - 866-485-3005
  • Heritage Insurance - 855-474-6526, 855-415-7120, Opt.1
  • Homeowner's Choice - 813-443-0830
  • Homewise - 888-830-7715
  • Hull - Agent will report.
  • Infinity - 800-334-1661
  • Markel - 800-236-3113
  • Mount Beacon/Florida Specialty - 844-279-7314, 866-554-5896
  • Olympus - 866-281-2242
  • Olympus Flood - 866-931-1306
  • Philadelphia Ins - 800-685-9238
  • People's Trust - 877-333-1230
  • Prepared - 877-313-1824
  • Progressive - 800-776-4737
  • RLI - 800-444-0406
  • Safe Harbor - 866-482-5246
  • Safe Point - 855-CLAIM-15
  • Sawgrass Mutual - 877-853-4336
  • Security First - 877-581-4862
  • Southern Oak - 877-900-2280
  • Southern Fidelity - 866-722-4995
  • Stillwater - 800-220-1351 (auto)
  • Suretegrity - 888-951-8680
  • Tapco - 888-437-0373, Opt.3
  • Travelers - 800-252-4633 Opt.1, 800-238-6225 (auto)
  • Tower Hill - 800-342-3407, 352-332-8800
  • Tower Hill Flood - 877-254-6819, 800-342-3407
  • UNA (Universal North) - 866-999-0898
  • UPCIC (Universal Property and Casulty) - 800-218-3206
  • Victoria/Titan - 800-951-1617
  • Wright Flood/Fidelity - 800-820-3242, 800-725-9472

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